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Welcome to PipeBoost™ Home
(Web Servers Acceleration Solution)

PipeBoost 3.1 with full 64-bit support available now!
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Squeezing More Efficiency and Speed Out of Your Existing Microsoft Internet Information Servers with
PipeBoost™ Website Acceleration Software
for Microsoft IIS 4.0, 5.0, 5.1 and 6.0

PipeBoost is a must-have software for any Microsoft IIS
Download Fully Operational 30-Day Trial

  • Process More Customer Transactions Faster
  • Reduce Your Website Telecommunications Overhead
  • Compatibility with Microsoft IIS (ASP, SSL, ColdFusion, PHP)
  • Server Side Dynamic Page Caching Learn More

Bandwidth savings for this server: 0 bytes since last reboot, which is 0.00% of total bandwidth consumption.Learn More

      Sites using Microsoft® Internet Information Server (IIS) have become bloated in an effort to provide clients with dynamic content and direct database access.

Real-Time Acceleration Report

      Download speeds can be increased by 3-4 times! Not just for a customer using a 56K modem but also for employees and managers accessing Internet/Intranet client-server applications, thereby dramatically improving the customer experience and employee productivity!

Introducing PipeBoost™ version 3.1.
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